Our services

What we do


We thrive to provide services that encompass a range of assistance in the overall planning, coordination and the total control of a project from its commencement to its culmination.

  • Cost Estimation: To provide an approximation of the cost of a project, or its subsequent operations.

  • Project Management: This ranges from its commencement planning, execution, control and completion its required objectives.

  • Designing & Planning: In line with project management services, we aid in the design of the project and its planning.

  • Handling Construction Materials: Handling and storing materials involved in diverse operations such as concrete blocks, steel, drums, wood, stacks of palletised bricks and more.


Furthermore, the establishment seeks to assist its client in designing and planning its projects.

  • Architectural and structural design

  • Civil project planning & design

  • Landscape design


Our establishment seeks the provision of a complete scope of administrative services to make landscaping hassle-free.

  • Landscape management (planning and installation of all types of plants and trees.

  • Implementation of the architects landscape design and features ranging from the bed layout, soil composition etc.

  • Irrigation; from its design to its installation and maintenance

  • Transplanting of trees and subsequently trimming, fertilisation, aeration, tree & stump removal & clearing of lots as well

  • Maintenance works


Our establishment takes pride in its highly comprehensive & detailed logistical services which will aid its clients in cost-effective proper organization.

  • Transportation Management

  • Route planning, delivery scheduling and fleet management

  • Shipment & order management