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Backhoe Loader

Used for a wide variety of tasks: construction, small demolitions, light transportation of building materials, powering building equipment, digging holes/excavation, landscaping, breaking asphalt, and paving roads.

Borehole Drilling Machine

Drywall Sander model EZ B1304

EZ RENDA EZ-B1304 Wall Grinding Machine, also called Sander Machine (Sanding Machine), is a newly promoted dustless environment-friendly machine. It is a new & revolutionary sanding system.

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Used for digging trenches, holes, and foundations, providing the power to do these tasks much more easily and effectively than any other piece of heavy equipment on the market. In addition to digging, excavators are commonly used for projects such as demolition, dredging rivers, material handling, or just simply heavy lifting of objects.

Portable concrete mixer Model 4.0

Mixing cement mortar, ready mix, lime mortar etc. for Municipal works, like Rural building, High Mountain Severe Environment, Small water works, Telecommunication works.Loose soil, weeding and mixing the fodder, break the ice, stir the rice and wheat, Even can do the pollution cleaning in sewage.

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Spray machine Model EZ SA1301

EZ-SA 1301 is a high pressure air-compressed sprayer machine. It should works with air compressor. High Productivity: 800-1500sqm/dayReducing Labor Cost: saving 80% Applied Materials: putty powder.

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Spud Barge With Ramp

2 Spud, 4 Spud hole. Length: 80 ft x 30ft, 6ft Height


The TAFE 45 DI is a 46-50 hp range, 2500 CC Tractor with "Four stroke DI engine, water cooled" engine.

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Wall Plastering Machine Model EZ-ROBOT

Remote control the unique technology of EZ RENDA . Unique positioning system: no need dot in the bottom of wall.

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