About us

Who are we?

How we came to be

Our History

Centex Group Private Limited began as a construction company for the rapidly developing market in Maldives where the major focus is construction, building and establishing a sustainable and developed infrastructure. Over the years, we have undertaken many challenging projects and accumulated skills and experiences in construction, development projects and suppliers, infrastructure and logistics and also in procurement industry. construction solutions to compete with Today we are a passionately revolutionizing infrastructure by building strong, firm, sustainable, durable and aesthetic buildings. We provide fast and long-lasting market prices and quality by gaining exposure or credibility in the construction industry as well as by facilitating all kinds of services for our existing and potential clients.

What we believe in

Vision & Mission

To be a respectable construction company delivering beyond expectation and gain the trust of our existing clients, & to draw more potential works and projects whilst maintaining a sustainable growth. To lead the construction and infrastructure development market and to sustain an optimistic and active persona throughout, by constantly diversifying into creative and critical solutions, as well as enhancing and improving services in order to adapt to the changing economic climate.

How we work


We as a company work with success in mind. Our main approach is to foster a supportive and collaborative relationship with our clients. We estimates the quantities of materials, manpower, equipments & machineries required to finalize the project. planning, scheduling, executing and monitoring of the project is our first priority.

Why us

Our values

2017 - Laydown of the foundation of one of the residential housing projects and to procure and gained a great number of clients who are reliable and reciprocates a relationship of trust. Five Years – Building 5 residential housing projects with the initiative of operating grocery shops, cafes, restaurants and garments in the ground floor of the residences We would use cost-effective, sustainable construction methods and innovative thinking to meet our clients’ needs while preserving and protecting resources and causing less pollution and waste for future generations. Our main goal is to lead the market successfully whilst maintaining a good relationship with potential and constant customers.

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